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With more than 15 years of experience supporting clients on their journey to family through the assistance of IVF, we are intimately familiar with the hurdles patients face throughout the third party parenting process.

Footsteps to Family offers an array of services in order to meet the needs of our ever growing clientele. Within that potpourri of option lies one of the largest premium ovum donor databases in the country coupled with a unique, gestational surrogate program offering a boutique style of matching and many options for customized VIP service.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has worked with clients internationally, and is well versed in facilitating a seamless transition between agency and clinic. Additionally, our secured website offers access to our database from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night.

Rozanne Sher, Owner
Footsteps to Family

Rozanne Sher is no stranger to the world of infertility. She grew up in a household, her father being one of the industry’s leading international physicians. Stories of his patients, their struggles, heartaches and ultimate success filled the dinnertime conversations. After college, at the young age of 21, Rozanne started working with her father where she developed his in-house Third Party Parenting program. Over the years, she has expanded the company beyond the boundaries of her father’s institutions.As an adjunct to her agency experience, in 2001, Rozanne was one of the first to develop a line of children’s books written to provide a youthful explanation to the complex question “where did I come from” when Assisted Reproductive Technologies (A.R.T.) are used. Through “Tell Your Child,” Rozanne created a venue for explanation, understanding and comprehension. Rozanne’s philosophy is to plant the seed, promote discussion and allow parents to expand on the concepts she writes about through their own parenting style. Rozanne believes a child should never be “surprised” by anything that could impact their sense of self.

Rozanne’s empathy for those going through Assisted Reproductive Technologies was personalized when she had to undergo In Vitro Fertilization herself. Her experience gave her a greater glimpse into the emotional and physical ups and downs, heartache and ultimate realization of dreams that go along with IVF. Rozanne lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her son. She is dedicated to creating a world where Third Party Parenting is not a taboo subject within society, and believes that cherished children who have come into this world through such measures should know and understand how loved and wanted they were.


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