Ashley’s Story

I knew from the beginning this Journey would be life changing, but never did I expect to gain such an amazing friendship. Our match couldn’t have been more perfect! After having my own 3 kids and watching people I know personally struggle with fertility, I knew I wanted to help someone start their own family. When I first started looking into surrogacy, I had a hard time deciding on an Agency. I knew I wanted to find an agency where I wasn’t just a number. When I finally found “Footsteps to Family”, I knew they were the agency for me.…

From Mom to Surrogate

My partner and I's first pregnancy was lost due to a miscarriage. We know all too well the harsh feelings of first time love and loss. That being said, my following pregnancies couldn't have been easier. I felt like my body thrived when I was pregnant and my two sons were born naturally and without complications. So, when I became privy to Surrogacy, I knew I had to do it. I knew I had this special gift. At times it felt that it wasn't that impactful because it's so natural right!? And other times it felt like I was a…

Surrogacy Today Q&A

Watch the Instagram Live Q&A (from November 10th), where Rozanne answers questions about how surrogacy has changed over the past 30 years, where it's headed and what are the biggest issues in the surrogacy industry we face today. Also discussed is how Rozanne started her own surrogacy agency, Footsteps to Family, after working with her father, Geoffrey Sher, one of the most renowned IVF physicians in the world.