Masterful Fertility Consultant for Solution Oriented Parents

How often do you leave your fertility doctor’s office with more questions than answers?

Don’t you wish you had someone on your side to help you cut through the weeds, ask the right questions, communicate with your doctor, clinical coordinator, surrogate, attorney, or agency as you navigate your fertility journey?

Perhaps you’re just starting down the path towards parenthood though the jungle of infertility and you are overwhelmed.

Well, you have come to the right place!

With over 25 years of experience in the fertility space I will be your personal professional consultant and advocate. Stay empowered while you masterfully navigate the medical channels to your baby! Learn how to ask the right questions. Avoid medical confusion. Remember, this is your baby… Your journey.

When you have someone in your court who understands the “business” of infertility as well as the medical lingo, who can help triage between all the moving parts, to break it down for you… Things will not seem so insurmountable. Allow me to be that for you.

25 Years of Experience

Allow me to be your personal professional consultant and advocate.


Rozanne Sher
Rozanne Sher, Owner Footsteps To Family

Take me with you on your journey from your first visit through to the birth of your baby…

This is an all-encompassing package for those who need comprehensive guidance and education throughout the entire process. With this option you have your own personal Fertility advocate to help you navigate all avenues of your journey to baby.  This all-access pass provides you with the ability to utilize the support, knowledge and resources of my years of experience.  You will not need to tally your hours or decide how many packages to purchase.  You will have a mainline to me throughout.

Let's chat

This is a one-time session for those who are either new to the process or have been through the IVF mill and feel like they need some guidance to navigate the pitfalls and gain empowerment over their bodies, finances and emotional well-being. During this call, we can go over where you are in the process, outline your best “next steps,” talk about referral sources and decide how much more support you may need.

Additional Options

Should you decide you need more support, you have options. You can purchase some more sessions in bundles, which will provide some savings. You also have the opportunity to have me accompany you along your journey as your personal consultant and advocate.

It takes a village to raise a child… That starts from before your little miracle even arrives, when navigating the infertility maze. To get ready for your “little bundle,” I have created a few of my own bundles so you can customize your needs through this process. If you feel you need more support and want to chat more than one or two times, you have better value when you obtain bundles of 4*, 6** or 8*** sessions at a time. Most find it useful to utilize their sessions within phases of their journey. Some examples are described below:

  • We discuss questions to ask your doctor related to screening, possible cycle options.
  • Deciphering medical diagnoses and options
  • How to navigate the clinical staff
  • Questions to ask the financial staff, office manager, etc.
  • Discussions around self-empowerment when facing difficult medical decisions.
  • Support group referrals (if requested)
  • Previous client referrals (if requested
  • Medications and options
  • How to handle contact issues with your medical staff
  • Navigating injections if applicable
    • If this is your first IVF cycle, injection anxiety
  • The emotional ups and downs of a positive pregnancy result
  • The emotional roller coaster of a negative pregnancy result
  • Professional psychological referral support if necessary
  • Support group referrals
  • Egg donor agency
    • How to pick the right agency for you
    • Questions to ask your agency
    • Financial pitfalls to avoid
    • How to pick your egg donor
  • Surrogate agency
    • How to pick the right agency for you
    • Questions to ask your agency
    • Financial pitfalls to avoid
    • How to pick the right surrogate for yourself
  • Sperm donor agency
    • How to pick the right agency for you
    • Questions to ask your agency
    • Financial pitfalls to avoid
    • How to pick the right surrogate for yourself
  • Attorney
    • How to pick the right attorney for you
    • Questions to ask your attorney
    • Financial pitfalls to avoid
    • Make sure you have your I’s dotted and T’s crossed in your contract
  • Surrogate insurance assistance
    • Typically your agency will assist you with this. I will be your advocate to go over the information presented to you and your surrogate, to make sure you are asking all the right questions about the policy, coverage, premium, etc.
  • Surrogate OB/GYN
    • I will help you navigate HIPAA with your pregnant surrogate
    • Get access to your pregnant surrogate’s OB and medical information while pregnant
    • Things to discuss with surrogate about appointments
  • Surrogate hospital for birth
    • Discuss what needs to accompany you and your surrogate at the hospital for the birth
    • What documents need to be in place prior to this day
    • Things to think about before the hospital.
  • Post surrogate baby triage assistance.
    • Referral source for support and next steps with your surrogate
  • 4 Sessions - $950
  • 6 Sessions - $1400
  • 8 Sessions - $1850
  • Journey - $9000