Intended Parent Overview

There are many reasons why someone would need a Gestational Surrogate or “Host Carrier”. Usually, these reasons are due to medical conditions where the mother is unable to carry a baby to term resulting in recurrent miscarriages. There are however, non-medical related situations where a Gestational Surrogate is needed. Examples include a single man wanting to be a father, same sex male couples wanting a family, women choosing not carry for personal reasons, etc. Whatever the reason, Footsteps To Family will go to great lengths to ensure that like-minded people are going through this journey together.

Our boutique style approach to matching provides all parties with a sense of security knowing that great care was taken when a possible candidate is presented to Intended Parents. Our Gestational Surrogate candidates are healthy women with a history of at least one full term pregnancy and live birth. She should be a United States resident, a non-smoker and be willing to undergo a background check, psychological evaluation and random drug testing. After a lengthy program application process, a potential Gestational Surrogate may be accepted to the program. The screening process is a vigorous one. Footsteps to Family prides itself on an intensive acceptance protocol that has allowed us to maintain our positive reputation and seamless transition of the baby from gestational surrogate to Intended Parents.

Footsteps to Family provides the highest quality of care and services for Intended Parents. We will manage, guide and oversee, the entire process. Footsteps To Family will stay in the relationship from matching through the birth of the baby; ensuring that the contract is upheld and the relationship between the Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogate remains one of constant support, trust and kindness. Footsteps never forgets the ultimate goal… a safe, healthy pregnancy and birth.

All of our fees are outlined in detail on our Intended Parent Financial Agreement, which is attached to each username and password request. We are more than happy to speak with any Intended Parent regarding pricing or any program questions. Please call our office to set up an appointment at 702-696-0821 or by e-mail at

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