Intended Parent (via Surrogate)

There are many reasons why someone would need a Gestational Surrogate or “Host Carrier”. Usually, these reasons are due to medical conditions where the mother is unable to carry a baby to term resulting in recurrent miscarriages. There are however, non-medical related situations where a Gestational Surrogate is needed. Examples include a single man wanting to be a father, same sex male couples wanting a family, women choosing not carry for personal reasons, etc. Whatever the reason, Footsteps To Family will go to great lengths to ensure that like-minded people are going through this journey together.


Our boutique style approach to matching provides all parties with a sense of security knowing that great care was taken when a possible candidate is presented to Intended Parents. Our Gestational Surrogate candidates are healthy women with a history of at least one full term pregnancy and live birth. She should be a United States resident, a non-smoker and be willing to undergo a background check, psychological evaluation and random drug testing. After a lengthy program application process, a potential Gestational Surrogate may be accepted to the program. The screening process is a vigorous one. Footsteps To Family prides itself on an intensive acceptance protocol that has allowed us to maintain our positive reputation and seamless transition of the baby from gestational surrogate to Intended Parents.

Footsteps To Family provides the highest quality of care and services for Intended Parents. We will manage, guide and oversee, the entire process. Footsteps To Family will stay in the relationship from matching through the birth of the baby; ensuring that the contract is upheld and the relationship between the Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogate remains one of constant support, trust and kindness. Footsteps never forgets the ultimate goal… a safe, healthy pregnancy and birth.

All of our fees are outlined in detail on our Intended Parent Financial Agreement, which is attached to each username and password request. We are more than happy to speak with any Intended Parent regarding pricing or any program questions. Please call our office to set up an appointment at 702-696-0821 or by e-mail at

Steps for Intended Parent

  1. Register…  Go on - Take your first step to family! Once you register you can view our surrogates.
  2. After you register, a user ID and password will be sent to your email with the Intended Parent Financial Agreement. This login will allow you to link back to your application if you do not complete it in one sitting, or if you need make changes at any time.
  3. Next you need to complete the application. Now, this part is more important that you would think. This is your intended parent application. Take some time to complete it. This will be the document sent to a prospective surrogate when matching. Your identifying information will be removed, but everything else will be seen. Think of this as giving the surrogate a glimpse into your life. Make sure you address the “difficult” questions thoroughly. Selective reduction, abortion, amniocentesis, number of embryos to transfer, etc. These are important items in the matching process.
  4. Once you have completed your application, please email or call the office to set up a consultation to go over your timeline.
  1. Once you have spoken to us, we will start working on a suitable match. Appropriate candidates will be sent to you for your review. The surrogate applications are similar to the form you completed. If you are interested in speaking with any surrogate, we will arrange a Skype, FaceTime or Zoom call. This is also when collect the first half of the agency fee, prior to this call.
  2. After the call, more often than not since matching is our specialty,… both parties are excited and want to move on to the next step. The match is confirmed, and we collect the balance of our agency fee (The agency agreement details the fees involved as well as our cancellation policy). Now the fun begins!
  3. We contact your clinic. Line the surrogate up for medical and psychological screening. After she has been thoroughly screened, contracts begin.
  4. After contracts are completed and signed, the cycle can commence. It is important to not, no cycle can start until legal clearance has been given.

Recipient Financial Agreement

Footsteps To Family prides itself on full transparency. As such, we have provided our financial agreement below for you to download and review outlining all of our program fees and possible expenses. Please note, this document provides only agency information and does not account for any clinical, legal, travel or other fees which typically are associated with the IVF process using an egg donor or gestational surrogate. We are happy to go over any questions you have. Please feel free to contact the office to set up a time a time to talk.

We look forward to assisting you on our journey to family.


Here we go… This is where we take our first step!
Register as an Intended Parent interested in a surrogate.

Register for Surrogate Search Assistance


Note: You will be redirected to a secure site to provide additional information.
This site will ask you to provide your email before completing the form.

Where do you recruit for Gestational Surrogates?

Footsteps To family finds our surrogates in “surrogate friendly” states. We advertise in community and parenting newspapers and periodicals. We also utilize the online resources. Many of the wonderful ladies who come to us as candidates do so as referrals from former surrogates and through word of mouth.

What kind of screening is required for the Gestational Surrogate?

We require all gestational surrogates to complete the application, supply her medical records, have an interview with a Footsteps Associate, submit to a background check, and consult with an independent psychologist for an evaluation. * All medical screening is completed after selection in preparation for the cycle and in accordance with the guidelines for your clinic.

How much does this cost?

The cost for using a gestational surrogate can vary depending on the surrogate. We provide you with a compensation document which is specific for each gestational surrogate candidate. She completes this along with her profile and we will presented it to you when showing your possible candidates. The surrogate signs both at the time she applies with Footsteps To Family. We feel this makes the contract process seamless. Surrogate expense fees are paid according to the contract. A $4000 expense reserve will be collected at the time of surrogate selection to cover any expenses she may have before the contract is completed. The Footsteps To Family agency fee is paid in two installments. One half of the agency fee is remitted once a potential surrogate has been identified, prior to a match call being scheduled. The balance is due upon a successful match prior to releasing the identity of either party.

What happens if the surrogate does not get pregnant or there is a miscarriage?

Often, the number of times that the surrogate is willing to try for a pregnancy and birth is part of the negotiated terms in the contract. It is important to remember as passionately as you want a child, the gestational surrogate is hopeful of fulfilling that dream for you. Please note that the agency fee, paid to Footsteps to Family is a one-time fee which can transfer from surrogate to surrogate. Should you wish to select another surrogate, or the surrogate does not want to continue, we will help match you with another gestational carrier once the proper steps have been taken to terminate the existing contract. This is done without having to pay any additional agency fees. Our fee will take you from surrogate selection through the birth of you baby(ies)!

What is Footsteps to Family role?

We can be thought of as your personal liaison throughout the entire process from matching, to IVF, to birth. Our responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • Matching you with your our surrogate.
  • Assisting both parties in obtaining independent legal counsel.
  • Collection and dispersing of all funds to the gestational surrogate, as indicated by the contract.
  • Provide travel when needed for the surrogate.
  • Remain in contact with the clinic to ensure proper communication between the surrogate and the affiliated clinic.
  • Locating suitable health insurance and life insurance for the surrogate if needed.
  • Provide assistance and support throughout the process.
  • Communicate between the parties when issues arise to keep the relationship safe.

It is our job to manage the business side of the relationship so you and the gestational surrogate can focus on your incredible journey to parenthood.

What if the surrogate wants to keep my baby?

We know this is often the scariest question for you… As hard as it is to believe, the scariest scenario for most gestational surrogates is “What if they DON’T want to take their baby and I am stuck with it?” It is important to recognize that Footsteps has never managed a case where this has been an issue. Using a gestational surrogate instead of a traditional surrogate mitigates much of the legal concerns regarding relinquishment of your baby. However, complete assurance regarding these types of situations cannot be guaranteed. Should an issue arise whereby the terms of the contract are questioned, the parties will need to enter into litigation where the ruling of parentage will be determined by the Court. We make every effort to recruit surrogates in states that are considered “surrogate friendly” and already have legislation honoring and protecting the integrity of the contract between the parties. In addition, many of our Intended Parents obtain a pre-birth order, where the court rules and issues a certificate of parentage prior to the birth of the child. This pre-birth order is then filed with the hospital to ensure that all parties are on the same page.

How long will I have to wait to be matched?

Footsteps To Family believes matching intended parents with a suitable gestational surrogate is a highly personalized process. Therefore, we make every effort to match parties by syncing their needs and desires. While there may be a list of available surrogates, we think it is more important to make a perfect fit, as opposed to a quick match. The matching process can occur within weeks. However, sometimes, depending on your specific requirements and needs, it can take longer.

Can I still use my physician if I find a surrogate through you?

Yes, of course! You can use whatever physician you like for transfer, as long as no law have changed that would prohibit the use of a gestational surrogate in that state. The laws change quite frequently. Some states prohibit the transfer of embryos to a paid gestational surrogate.

* The fee for the surrogate’s psychological evaluation will be passed on to the Intended Parent after the match has been made and deducted from their expense reserve.

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