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For those who face fertility challenges, disease and/or the onset of ovarian failure that precludes their ability to produce a fertilizable egg.  As these women have a healthy uterus and are otherwise able to bear a child, egg (or ovum) donation offers a realistic opportunity for pregnancy. Egg donation involves retrieving eggs from one woman (the donor), fertilizing them in the laboratory, and transferring the resulting embryos into the uterus of the recipient, who will carry the baby to term.

Reasons to use an egg donor:

  • The effect of age on outcome with IVF is largely negated through the use of donor eggs. This is because the donor eggs will come from a younger woman and will therefore be healthy. In addition, the newer methods for preparing the recipient’s uterine lining optimizes the chance of healthy implantation.
  • Many times more eggs are retrieved from a young donor than are needed for any one pregnancy attempt. In this case, all the eggs are fertilized and any extra embryos are frozen for a future attempt at pregnancy.
  • A further benefit of egg donation is a reduced risk of miscarriage, as the donor is usually younger than the recipient.  Therefore, the quality of her eggs is usually elevated.
  • There is rarely a need for amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling in order to diagnose chromosome disorders that produce birth defects, because the eggs are from a relatively young and healthy woman.


For our recipient’s convenience, Footsteps to Family provides an ovum donor registry with access to over 400 donors. This provides an abundance of options for clients with diverse needs. Once selected for a cycle, the donor will be subject to the required FDA screening, a psychological evaluation, as well as any other screening that the recipient’s clinic requires or that the recipient requests.

All of our fees are outlined in detail on our financial agreement, which is attached to each username and password request. We are more than happy to speak with any recipient regarding this pricing once they have had a chance to review the costs.   If you have any questions, please contact our office directly 702-696-0821 or by e-mail us at

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